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George presenting award to winner at the Ford F Series Truck Festival

The F-150 Truck Festival was held at our Main Beach area this past weekend. The weather was perfect as were the many entrants for the show.  I had the pleasure of meeting Tal and Tiffany, the owners of Docklife Cottages in Wasaga Beach who were there to support the event and also had a Truck on display. I also participated in awarding the Best in Show trophy to the Gentleman on the left of the picture. Reid was the organizer of the event, which was a fundraiser for our local Food Bank , and representing the Food Bank was Maryanne who generously gave of her time to attend. I thank Reid and his team for bringing this event to Wasaga Beach. (Photos courtesy of Bryan Davies Photography of Wasaga Beach)

Red and Silver Truck at F-150 Truck Festival
White Truck at the F-150 Truck Festival
Trophy Table At The F-150 Truck Festival
George Watson at the F-150 Truck Festival

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