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(Satirical Musings)

  BY I.C. Clearly & R.U. Serious


A local soothsayer is finding it difficult and time consuming to keep up with all the good news and positive events happening in the community.

“I try and keep up with the local news but there is just so much of a positive nature happening. For the past 3 years I have successfully been able to turn every positive story and event into a negative. My batting average, so to speak, has been 100% but I fear I won’t be able to keep up anymore”.

“These community leaders must be stopped before they announce anything else to improve the Town and I’m just the person to do it”.

At press time the soothsayer was still waiting to hear from anyone for any advice on fabricating false stories.

“I need help to combat the flood of positivity and truth they are spreading to the community”.

George Watson Re-Elect For Council 2022

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